Best visa for backpackers in Australia

Applying for a Working Holiday Visa

The first thing before even try to move to Oz is to check if you meet the Visa requirements. In this post I will mostly refer to the Working Holiday Visa (aka 417).

This Visa allows you to work and travel in Australia for one year and can be extended if choose to do some farm work (more on this here).

To be eligible for this Visa you have to be between 18 and 30 years old

Moreover, you need to hold a valid passport issued by those countries. If you’re very close to your 30th birthday and you still want to apply, remember that as long as the Visa is granted BEFORE your birthday you will still have one full year to activate it entering the country.

The super friendly cost (JK) of the Working Holiday Visa is 440 AUD.

Trying the Student Visa

If you do not meet the age requirements you can still apply for a student visa, but be mindful that this choice is far more expensive than the Working Holiday Visa. The student Visa fee is 550 AUD plus the cost of the school.

Because language schools know that A LOT of foreigners enroll just to have a Visa, they do not come cheap. Typically, even the cheapest option is around a few thousand dollars.

You also have to consider that you will be allowed to work only a few hours a week, which means that sustaining yourself there could be pretty difficult, unless you decide to work cash-in-hand risking your Visa.

More on Australian Visas subclasses, and online Visa application here.