Digital nomad and full-time surfer

I’m Sabrina, a twenty-something digital nomad from Italy. I spent the last ten years studying, working and travelling the world as much as I could. I went to uni in Paris, spent a year living dangerously in Australia and then enrolled in a long-distance relationship with Asia and surfing while being a freelance copywriter and a social media manager in Milan. I rocked the agency life for 3 years, building a portfolio of satisfied clients that, since 2018, I completely take care of from Balinese beaches.


International background for international clients

I graduated in communication studies in Italy and got a master degree in international journalism in France. My career began in Paris as a web content editor, continued writing and photographing Australia, Southeast Asia and India and then lead me to open my freelance business in Milan. Today I am a freelance web content editor from Milan who works with four web agencies and several national and international clients for which I take care of copywriting, social media managing and project management. All my clients and collaborators value my work positively despite being based in Asia and spending more time on a surfboard than on a computer.


How to survive in the jungle of digital communication

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