paperwork you need before leaving for Australia

No one loves paperwork, but don’t worry, you wont need much in Australia. Compared to Europe (I’m thinking of you, Italy and France) Australia is super organized and digitalized when it comes to documents, permits and general paper work. Thus said, you’re still required to organize the paperwork you need before leaving for Australia.


Here are the most important things you have to take care off before moving to Cangarooland.


Prior to your departure make sure that:


  • Before buying a VISA, check if your passport is valid for the whole length of your stay (renewing a passport while abroad is always annoying, not to mention that your Visa will be attached to your old passport number, which means more paperwork and more annoyances). If it’s not, renew it and then buy the Visa.


  • Check if your Health Insurance is also valid abroad. I.e. Italian healthcare system provides 6 months of free insurance in Australia, just check with your local GP or with your insurance company.


  • Tell your bank (and your mum!) where you’re going. My experience tells me that when travelling on the other side of the world shit will eventually happen when using your credit cards, but it happens WAY LESS if you let your bank know that you will be using them oversea.


  • Apply for an International driving licence. Truth is, Australian police officers are usually ok with European or US driving licences. Thus said, the rule still stands. Anyway it’s not so expensive and it will turn out useful when you’ll be driving a shitty scooter in South East Asia on your way back from Oz and local policemen will find any excuse to fine you.